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Advanced Host Monitor 12.70 Final

Powerful program for monitoring the availability and speed of servers. In the event of a server error, Advanced Host Monitor notifies the system administrator or, depending on the settings, tries to fix the problem itself.

The program uses 55 testing methods, a large number of different settings are available. It is possible to save detailed log files with Text, HTML, DBF and ODBC file formats. Built-in powerful report editor with user-friendly interface.

It is possible to control the availability of physical devices (Ping test), the performance of TCP (WWW and FTP servers), you can check the availability of pages via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

It is possible to control local resources – the size of folders and files, checksums and more.
License: paid (Shareware)Whats New in Advanced Host Monitor 12.70 Final:

New application: IPMI Browser

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a set of computer interface specifications for out-of-band management of computer systems. The IPMI subsystem works independently of the host CPU, firmware and operating system. IPMI provides a way to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to an operating system.
IPMI Browser retrieves data from servers using IPMI protocol, shows charts with temperature sensors, voltage, current, fans speed. Also you may check all available counters (eg disk status, memory errors) with details: value, lower and upper thresholds, critical and non repairable thresholds; export data into text file, etc

New test methods

RMCP Ping – this test uses Remote Management Control Protocol (RMCP) to verify connection to remote servers. Unlike (ICMP) Ping this test method may check powered off servers. Note: not every server supports RMCP and IPMI protocols.
IPMI Health – this test method uses IPMI protocol in order to check target server for power related problems, fans and drives faults, detect chassis intrusion.
Note: we will add more IPMI related test methods in version 12.80

GUI improvements

You may press Ctrl + A in order to select all visible test items in test details area
HostMonitor and RCC offers more items in the Tools menu. You may start Disk Meter, Process Meter, WMI Explorer, MIB Browser, IPMI Browser, System info, Log Analyzer to explore resources on specific host. If RCC is installed on remote systems, you may copy DiskMeter.exe, IpmiBrowser.exe, MibBrowser.exe, ProcessMeter.exe, WmiExplorer.exe modules to RCC system as well.
Menu Tools-> Recent keeps history of recent actions. Eg you may check disk space on HostA using SuperMatrix window, check processes on HostB using Network Map, call IPMI Browser from main window – all these commands will be stored in Tools-> Recent menu.
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The following issues were resolved

For some reason ESET antivirus software may set “kernel not running” status while antivirus service is running and working properly. Now Antivirus Status test in “ESET” testing mode ignores “kernel not running” error and sets Ok status (unless other problems detected)
When Cisco Health test performed by RMA agent detects some problem it shows problem description in Reply field but it could keep Ok test status. Fixed, now test sets Bad status when problem detected, just like test performed by HostMonitor

Official page
Download: Advanced HostMonitor 12.70 Final (35.7 MB)

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