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FreeFileSync 11.5

FreeFileSync is a program for comparing and synchronizing files and folders located on different computers. With its help you will be able to quickly and easily configure synchronization file operations between remote folders. It is possible to set different filters to synchronize them.

FreeFileSync will make it easy for you if you want to compare and sync files and folders located on different computers. You specify a source folder and a destination folder, and the program shows you the differences between them. Easy to use and completely free tool.
License: Free (Open Source).

Changes in FreeFileSync 11.5:

New configuration context menu option to delete from disk
Start auto retry delay at time of error instead of reporting
Added error details to status message before retry
Improved color scheme to better integrate with system colors
Keep partial SFTP results after network failure
Fixed incorrect panel font (macOS Big Sur)
Fixed SFTP retry not working after network drop
Fixed crash on exit with floating panels (macOS Big Sur)
Fixed auto-close option not being remembered
Fixed installer high-DPI scaling issues
Fixed mouse hover issues with grid column header
Fixed menu bar icons not showing (Linux)
Removed redundant GUI layout recalculations
Keep correct panel sizes after log panel maximize
Support modern folder picker in installer
Don’t raise progress dialog after sync when resuming from systray

Official page
Download: FreeFileSync 11.5 for Windows (14.6 MB)
Download: FreeFileSync 11.5 for Linux (20.4 MB)
Download: FreeFileSync 11.5 for MacOS (11.6 MB)

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