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FreeFileSync v11.8

FreeFileSync is a program for comparing and synchronizing files and folders located on different computers. With its help you will be able to quickly and easily configure synchronization file operations between remote folders. It is possible to set different filters to synchronize them.

FreeFileSync will make it easy for you if you want to compare and sync files and folders located on different computers. You specify a source folder and a destination folder, and the program shows you the differences between them. Easy to use and completely free tool.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in FreeFileSync 11.8:

Fixed unexpected file size error when copying to (S) FTP, and Google DriveFreeFileSync 11.7 changes:Detect moved files on FTP (if server supports MLSD)Allow installation only for current or all users (Linux)Added application uninstaller: (Linux)Use login user config path when running as root (macOS, Linux)Fixed detection of moved files with unstable device IDs (macOS, Linux)Strict checking for duplicate file IDsAvoid EINVAL invalid argument error when using F_PREALLOCATE (macOS)Restore input focus after closing log panelDouble-click on file to open Google Drive web interfaceFixed alpha channel image scaling glitchFixed recycle bin folders being created recursivelyFixed thread count status message fluctuationDon’t quit FreeFileSync when parent terminal is closed (SIGHUP)Fixed “Operation not supported” error when setting directory locksShow folder picker despite SHCreateItemFromParsingName () errorWork around “OLE received a packet with an invalid header” error

Official page


Download: FreeFileSync 11.8 for Windows (14.6 MB)

Download: FreeFileSync 11.8 for Linux (20.4 MB)

Download: FreeFileSync 11.8 for MacOS (11.6 MB)

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