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OCCT 8.0.0 Final

The name of the OCCT tester comes from the “OverClock Checking Tool”. The tool can be used not only by overclockers, but also by anyone who wants to test the power of their microprocessor in extreme operating conditions.

Here is a list of its properties:

  • supports up to 16 cores – for example, Quad-Kentsfield and Octo-Conroe (it may work with them, but can actually measure only 4 cores at a time);
  • selectable tests (by duration, by priority, of the processor or RAM, ();
  • detects the CPU and the bottom and displays them in a very nice way in the so-called sleep mode;
  • monitoring is performed through 3 programs (such as MBM5, SpeedFan, SysTool or Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50 or higher), and at the beginning of the test it calls the support program itself;
  • can display temperature and voltage readings graphically;
  • translation into many languages ​​(20), including Bulgarian;
  • and other extras.

You need to set the program, leaving the standard temperature of 70 degrees for maximum temperature, for the temperature of the core (cores) you specify between 35 and 48 degrees. For help software, you set Built-in (built-in), SpeedFan 4.xx or Everest Ultimate (, or one of the others mentioned above), but with Built-in you will have the widest support.

When you exceed the specified upper limit of 70 degrees, you will hear a very funny sound, which you can replace with another not only in WAV, but also in MP3 format.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in OCCT 8.0.0 Final:

  • MAIN: changed the minimum size of the window to better reflect recent changes
  • MAIN: Added the test start date & time to the test log
  • MAIN: more code cleanup
  • MAIN: Highly optimized UI startup time
  • MAIN: Greatly lowered CPU Usage
  • MAIN: Major code cleanup and optimization pass to the code base
  • MONITORING: removed “Nvidia” “AMD” and “Intel” from the device names in the usage graphs – AMD isn’t going to release a GeForce anytime soon
  • MONITORING: Improved the graphs title by truncating only the test name, not the value, if there is not enough room for both
  • MONITORING: Updated and now with AMD Snapshot support
  • MONITORING: Charts have been completly revamped and are now single-line
  • MONITORING: if a value has a decimal part, it is now always displayed, up to two digits decimal
  • MONITORING: Voltages are now displayed as 3-digit decimal numbers
  • MONITORING: Tuned default sensor rules to better account for AMD CPUs
  • SYSINFO: allowed for multiline headers (especially useful for memory)
  • SYSINFO: added very detailed information about memory modules
  • UI: better layout for almost all test options
  • UI: Rewrote the test settings layout
  • UI: Added a test log to see what’s going on internally – and report more detailed information
  • UI: Rewrote test status indicator and summary
  • CPU: Added “Advanced thread settings” option
  • CPU: Added a “select active core” option in the advanced thread settings
  • CPU: Added a “Core cycle” option to switch active cores at a specified period
  • CPU: Added an option to invert active cores at a specified period
  • REPORT: lots of enhancements to the personal report (looks & infos)
  • SETTINGS: Changed many things in the settings (especially layout). This will trigger a settings file reset though!

Official page


Download: OCCT 8.0.0 Final (17.4 MB)

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