qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable

qBittorrent is a multi-platform torrent client written in C ++ and based on Qt4. Works on both Linux and Windows and MAC. Additionally uses libtorrent and asio. It has a built-in RSS reader, search engine, remote control and more. It has a multilingual interface in over 25 languages.

qBittorrent allows you to search the most popular torrent sites to find everything you need. Magnet and BitComet links will not be a problem if you decide to download from them. qBittorrent can be managed via a web interface or create an RSS filter.
License: Free (GPL).

Changes in qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable:

  • FEATURE: Allow to add root folder to torrent content (glassez)
  • FEATURE: “HTTPS tracker validation” option is available on all platforms with latest libtorrent (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Option for supporting internationalized domain names (IDNs) (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix broken sorting on some columns (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix availability per file value (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix status of torrents without metadata (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Don’t try to remove folders for a torrent without metadata (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Lift upper limit of “Max concurrent HTTP announces” option (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Add links to libtorrent documentation (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Move “embedded tracker” options to qbt section (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Properly handle “Append extension” option changing (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Correctly save paused torrent state (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Fix bug of “move storage job” can be performed multiple times (glassez)
  • WEBUI: Add ability to use ‘shift + delete’ to delete torrents (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Allow to attach tags while adding torrents (Jesse Chan)
  • WEBUI: Bump version to 2.6.2 (Jesse Chan)
  • WEBUI: Remove unnecessary restriction on input length (Chocobo1)
  • WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Russian translation (Andrei Stepanov)
  • WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Italian translation (Alessandro Simonelli)
  • OTHER: Drop support for building with libtorrent 

Official page
Download: qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable for Windows 32-bit (22.7 MB)
Download: qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable for Windows 64-bit (25.1 MB)
Download: qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable for MacOS (17.4 MB)
Download: qBittorrent 4.3.2 Stable for other OSes

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