qBittorrent 4.4.0

qBittorrent 4.4.0

qBittorrent is a multi-platform torrent client written in C ++ and based on Qt4. Works on both Linux and Windows and MAC. Additionally uses libtorrent and asio. It has a built-in RSS reader, search engine, remote control and more. It has a multilingual interface in over 25 languages.

qBittorrent allows you to search the most popular torrent sites to find everything you need. Magnet and BitComet links will not be a problem if you decide to download from them. qBittorrent can be managed via a web interface or create an RSS filter.

License: Free (GPL).

Whats New in qBittorrent 4.4.0 Stable:

  • FEATURE: Support for v2 torrents along with libtorrent 2.0.x support (glassez, Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Support for Qt6 (glassez)
    FEATURE: Expose libtorrent hashing_threads settings (Anton Bershanskiy)
    FEATURE: Add “Notification timeout” option (kevtechxx)
    FEATURE: Add connection_speed to advanced settings (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Announce to all trackers if IP changed (#15001) (zhuangzi926)
    FEATURE: Add tooltip for various columns (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Add context menu to toggle content tab columns (#15164) (AbeniMatteo)
    FEATURE: Add filter “Checking” to the side panel (#15166) (AbeniMatteo)
    FEATURE: Add “Forced metadata downloading” state (#15185) (AbeniMatteo)
    FEATURE: Remember the last viewed page in the Options dialog (#15230) (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Add tooltip to listening port spinbox (Chocobo1)
    FEATURE: Add “Skip hash check” option for watched folders (glassez)
    FEATURE: Add “Show torrent options” double-click action (glassez)
    FEATURE: Allow setting temp folder per torrent/category (glassez)
    FEATURE: Support folder-based UI Themes (Prince Gupta)
    BUGFIX: Save “resume data” once file priority is changed (glassez)
    BUGFIX: Show priority menu at the top level if there is no other in Add New Torrent dialog (FozzeY)
    BUGFIX: Capitalize “peer flags” descriptions (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Reorder peer flags (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Show “last activity” value under all circumstances (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Elide text from the right for all columns’ header (smigii)
    BUGFIX: Fix startup with different profiles (jagannatharjun)
    BUGFIX: Move a few torrent context menu actions into “Torrent options” dialog (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Allow deselecting radio buttons in “Torrent options” for mixed torrents (thalieht)
    BUGFIX: Apply file priority changes correctly (a-sum-duma, Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Use proper string for Korean language (OctopusET)
    BUGFIX: Disable “add peers” menu items instead of hiding them (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Disable system tray icon menu when the app is exiting (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Show GUI lock icon after system tray icon is initialized (Chocobo1)
    BUGFIX: Apply selected layout to display torrent content in the “Add New Torrent” dialog (glassez)
    WEBUI: Add reverse proxy source IP resolution (#15047) (HiFiPhile)
    WEBUI: Support navigating UI tables with arrow keys (Thomas Piccirello)
    WEBUI: Support expanding/collapsing UI folders with arrow keys (Thomas Piccirello)
    WEBUI: Support sorting UI tables via touch (#15205) (Tom Piccirello)
    WEBUI: Add pieces progress bar to General tab (Jesse Smick)
    WEBUI: Update authors page (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Set icon sizes attribute (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    WEBUI: Add meta-application name (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    WEBUI: Sort WebUI language selection values (Chocobo1)
    WEBUI: Use correct URL scheme in user prompt when HTTPS is enabled (Chocobo1)
    RSS: Stick Unread row to top in RSS feed list (Prince Gupta)
    RSS: Correctly use fallback icons for RSS feed in GUI (jagannatharjun)
    SEARCH: Add context menu for tabs in search widget (#14926) (Anton)
    SEARCH: Add more download options to torrent search result right-click menu (a-sum-duma)
    WINDOWS: Add windows-clang support (#15115) (Biswapriyo Nath)
    WINDOWS: Update python installer URL for Windows (xavier2k6)
    WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Simplified Chinese translation (Losiki)
    LINUX: Prolong wait time for shutdown for qbittorrent-nox (Chocobo1)
    LINUX: Install vector program icon (Chocobo1)
    LINUX: Add detection for OpenBSD, Haiku in configure script (Chocobo1)
    MACOS: Update Mac icons for Big Sur (17jiangz1)
    EXPERIMENTAL: Setting to store/load fastresume/torrent files in an SQLite database (glassez)
  • OTHER: Many internal code refactorings and bug fixing by many people

Official page

Download: qBittorrent 4.4.0 Stable for Windows 32-bit (24.3 MB)

Download: qBittorrent 4.4.0 Stable for Windows 64-bit (26.3 MB)

Download: qBittorrent 4.4.0 Stable for All OS (17.8 MB)

Download : qBittorrent 4.4.0 Portable

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