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StartIsBack++ 2.9.10

 StartIsBack ++ is a Windows 10 program designed for fans of the classic start menu of the Windows 7 operating system. StartIsBack ++ offers an alternative menu, the previous menu is saved and can be called up with the Ctrl + Win keys or another combination selected by the user .

StartIsBack ++ does not support tiles, and the proposed alternative menu is slightly modified compared to the start menu of Windows 7 – a stricter design, different icons in some places, a round avatar.

The user can change the transparency and colors and almost everything else. There is an option to accurately mimic the standard menu from Windows .

StartIsBack++ Features

StartIsBack ++ offers some new interesting features – support for computer systems with multiple monitors, highlighting the names of the latest installed programs, the ability to turn off the system components SearchUI and ShellExperienceHost when starting the system. License: Paid (Trial) .

Changes in StartIsBack ++ 2.9.10:

Support for KB5001391. This upcoming Windows update (currently Insider only) may cause older StartIsBack versions to crash.

StartIsBack ++ Official website

Download: StartIsBack ++ 2.9.10 (1.45 MB)

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