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ASTRA32 3.81 Final

Advanced System Information Tool & Reporting Assistant / ASTRA / can give you complete information about your computer hardware and software.

ASTRA32 has a rich database with information about processors, coprocessors, CD / DVD drives, all ATA / ATAPI models, memory information, scanners, printers, BIOS parameters, sound and video cards, contains over 5500 monitor models, information about the operating program and its updates, USB and PCI / AGP, ISA / PnP devices and more.

ASTRA32 is designed to determine the configuration of the computer. The program also creates a file with a report, allows you to export data to programs for inventory of computer equipment. In addition, the ASTRA32 can run from the command line without loading the graphical interface and thus draws less resources.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Changes in ASTRA32 3.81 Final:

  • Added reading of SPD information on Intel Tiger Lake-H, Intel Emmitsburg, Intel Alder Lake-S, Intel Alder Lake-P, Intel Alder Lake-M.

  • Added detection of
    Intel Core i7 Mobile (Tiger Lake-H35)
    Intel Core i5 Mobile (Tiger Lake-H35)
    Intel Atom (Elkhart Lake)
    Intel Pentium (Elkhart Lake)
    Intel Celeron (Elkhart Lake)
    Intel Celeron M (Shelton)
    AMD Ryzen 9 (Vermeer)
    AMD Ryzen 7 (Vermeer)
    AMD Ryzen 5 (Vermeer)
    AMD Ryzen 3 (Vermeer)
    AMD Ryzen Embedded (Gray Hawk)
    AMD Athlon Gold Mobile (Picasso)
    AMD Athlon Silver Mobile (Picasso)
    Montage Jintide (Skylake-SP)
    Montage Jintide (Cascade Lake-SP)

  • Added preliminary support of Intel Alder Lake-M family processors

  • Added preliminary support of AMD Genesis Peak, AMD Rembrandt, AMD VanGogh, AMD Mero, AMD Cezanne, AMD Badami, AMD Lucienne, AMD Genoa (Zen4) family processors

  • Improved support of AMD Vermeer (Zen3) family processors

  • Added detection of new processors feature: Hybrid Processor

  • Fixed reading of SPD information on Intel Comet Lake-V PCH

  • Fixed detection of ISA / PnP cards resources

Official page
Download: ASTRA32 3.81 Final (2.56 MB)
Download: ASTRA32 3.81 Portable Final (2.43 MB)

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