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Autorun Organizer 5.10

Autorun Organizer is an advanced manager for self-loading programs for Windows.It allows you to see a visual estimate of the boot time of the system, to turn off unnecessary programs, as well as to arrange the list of autostart applications to optimize the startup of programs when booting the system and its acceleration.

Autorun Organizer checks if banned records remain banned and automatically shuts them down if they are not.

The self-executing queue allows important applications to run in the first place, and the built-in diagram visually represents changes in load time.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Autorun Organizer 5.10:

  • Redesigned and improved system load time measurement function.
  • You can manage all the background tasks of the application, as well as autorun of the Autorun Organizer itself through the new Background Tasks settings section.
  • Bug fixed: When the notification about a suspicious startup entry appeared, clicking the Disable at Startup button in the notification did not work.

Official page


Download: Autorun Organizer 5.10 (18.8 MB)

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