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BeeBEEP 5.8.4

BeeBEEP is a free encrypted and secure network chat program. With BeeBEEP, it is possible to send files within the local network to the office without the need for a server. BeeBEEP also runs on the Linux operating system in the middle of the Wine emulator.

Key features of BeeBEEP

secure P2P connection with AES-protected information, 

no server required for messaging, 

organizing users into groups, 

exchanging files and sharing files, 

saving message history, using emoticons, offline messages , group chat, add user info.

The interface of the program is convenient and quite easy to use even by beginners. The program is portable, does not require installation and can be started from a USB stick or other external device.
License: Free (Open Source).

Changes in BeeBEEP 5.8.4

Official page
Download: BeeBEEP 5.8.4 (29.6 MB)
Download: BeeBEEP 5.8.4 Portable for Windows 32-bit (32.2 MB)

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