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Connectify 2021.0.1.40136

Connectify 2021

Connectify is software that is used to create a wireless internet zone. With the help of this small program you can share your internet connection with friends and acquaintances without having to buy additional devices, cables, etc.

Connectify allows you to connect an unlimited number of wireless devices (laptops, mobile phones, gaming systems, etc.) to your network. Wireless devices can see and connect to your wireless zone created with Connectify like any other Wi-Fi hotspot. In addition, the connection is secured with WPA2 encryption.

Connectify is a convenient and useful application that will save you extra money from routers, switches and other devices laptop, printer and other mobile devices without the need for a router.

“Cloning” of Wi-Fi parameters has been added, as well as Eye-Fi support. More detailed statistics on the connections made are maintained. The strongest Wi-Fi signal for sharing is automatically recognized. License: Freeware .

Download: Connectify 2021.0.1.40136 (10.6 MB)

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