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CPU-Z v1.95

The CPU-Z gives you information about your CPU. It includes: – CPU name – Core stepping – CPU packing method – Current voltage – Internal and external operating frequency, multiplier – Possibility to detect a bloated CPU – CPU capabilities – L1 and L2 caches – Size , technology, speed and others.

CPU-Z is a free tool that displays detailed information about some of the major components of your system.

CPU-Z does not need installation. Unzip the package to a folder and run the .exe file. If you want to remove the program just delete the files. The program does not copy any files to any Windows directory. Does not create registry entries.

– processor name.
– stepping of the nucleus.
– method of “packaging” the processor.
– voltage at the moment.
– internal and external frequency of operation, multiplier, etc.

– Manufacturer, model, revision.
– BIOS manufacturer, date and model.
– Chipset and sensors.
– Graphical interface.

– Frequency and timings.
– Specifications of the modules recorded in the SPD (Serial Presence Detect): manufacturer, serial number, timing table.

The system
– Windows and DirectX versions.

With the CPU-Z you can see in real time what is happening and you can also save the data at any time in TXT or HTML formats. License: Freeware.

Whats New in CPU-Z 1.95:

  • AMD ThreadRipper PRO 3995WX, 3975WX, 3955WX, 3945WX and WRX80 chipset.
  • Intel Core 11th generation “Rocket Lake”.
  • Mainboard PCI-Express generation report (Mainboard tab).
  • Graphics Interface Link current speed and max speed (Mainboard tab).
  • NVIDIA GPU base and boost clocks (Graphics tab).

Official page
Download: CPU-Z 1.95 (1.88 MB)
Download: CPU-Z 1.95 Portable (3.02 MB)

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