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EditPad Lite 8.2.5

EditPad Lite is a free text editor that allows you to write and edit any type of text file that is used as source code, logs, scripts, letters, notes, articles, etc.

EditPad Lite allows you to work with tabs, check spelling, edit the size of columns, count the characters used and other statistics, do alphabetical sorting, search for specific phrases and much more that would satisfy any user. The program offers a convenient and easy to use interface.

EditPad Lite is a small and free text editor. It is not one of the most powerful ones, but it is not without pleasant extras. The program opens the formats it supports in separate windows (tabs), supports Unicode and many other encodings, saving a large number of open files (history), interface settings and more. The program also offers the ability to create a portable installation.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in EditPad Lite 8.2.5:

Bug fixes:

  • Changing the font size with Ctrl + Wheel only made the font larger when using a complex script text layout.
  • Search: Replacements were jumbled if the replacement string contained a case conversion backreference that is not at the end of the replacement and the case conversion has no effect because the matched text is already the correct case or doesn’t have any case; eg replacing 9 with U0; resulted in; 9 instead of 9 ;.
  • Search | Find Last had issues when using a regular expression; now it will say that regular expressions cannot search backwards similar to Search | Find Previous.

Official page

Download: EditPad Lite 8.2.5 (18.0 MB)

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