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EventSentry is a convenient program designed primarily for system administrators, which serves to collect information from a large computer fleet.

EventSentry significantly optimizes the work of computer specialists in the management of a large local network and can independently compile reports for computer systems, which it submits in a dialog mode in the main program window of EventSentry.

EventSentry software tools are divided into categories and well structured. The program keeps statistics about the errors in the computers on the network, saves the history of the procedures that the administrator had to perform and thus provides an opportunity for a complete analysis of the local network.

Users can be divided into groups and categories, it is possible to manually diagnose the various computer systems on the network. EventSentry works with all kinds of network connections and channels.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in EventSentry


  • Agent, Management Console: Database actions can now be assigned to groups, and then referenced at the package level. This is helpful for MSPs that want to write data from customers to different databases without duplicating data.


  • Configuration Assistant: Microsoft SQL Server connections now support TLS
  • Database Purge Utility: Now utilizes the latest installed SQL Server driver when connecting to a SQL Server database
  • Web Reports: Fixed embedding environment charts under certain circumstances

Official page

Download: EventSentry

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