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f.lux 4.119 Final

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Prolonged use of a computer display tires the eyes. This is an indisputable fact that even the most modern LCD technologies still cannot change. Prolonged staring at the monitor of your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone inevitably leads to unpleasant side effects and for this reason it is no wonder that dozens of different companies today are trying to combat the problem using all possible means.

f.lux is a free, small program that dynamically changes the color temperature of your LCD display depending on the time of day.

f.lux is a relatively small application that can be very useful for those of you who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. The main function of the instrument is to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the monitor depending on the time of day.

You’ve probably all noticed that black text on a white, bright background strains the eyes much more at night than during the light part of the day.

The reason for this is that the human body is fine-tuned and responds to changes in natural light around the clock. The bright light around noon is a signal to him that it is time for active work, and the warmer, orange-red tones at sunset that it is time for rest and sleep.

However, the artificial light on the monitors is constantly bright. In most cases, the light from them is bright white, sometimes with pronounced blue tones. This is where f.lux comes to the rescue. The instrument changes the color of the light from your monitor, giving it more heat in the late afternoon and at night, helping to reduce eye strain.

f.lux is an install and forget program. Does not require manual intervention, works in the background. Automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the monitor according to the local time. Of course there is also the possibility for manual adjustment of geographical position, color temperature correction, the transition interval between modes.

In addition, f.lux offers the ability to temporarily turn off the effect of the program, which is especially useful when editing images, watching videos or other activities that require proper color rendering.

Whats New in f.lux 4.119 Final:

Fixed bugs that caused sliders to draw wrong at 125% and 200%
Slightly slower dimming with Alt-PgDn
Windows 10 fixes
Installer fixes

Official page

Download: f.lux 4.119 Final (653 KB)

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