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GoldWave 6.56

GoldWave is a small but extremely useful program with which you can edit audio files. You can add effects (echo, repeat, distortion, back-and-forth), cut, split, or simply remove noise from a song.

Despite its small size, GoldWave offers many effects and capabilities that successfully compete with programs such as Sony SoundForge, CoolEdit Pro and others.

GoldWave has real-time oscilloscopes, intelligent editing, and numerous effects (including echo, edge, distortion, mechanization, Doppler effect, and back-and-forth).

The intuitive and clean interface makes GoldWave easy to learn and use. Extras such as CD song extraction, zooming, excellent batch conversion (from and to wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox mat, snd, voc, etc.), simultaneous editing of more than 1 file, each file can be up to 1 GB, adjust the amount of RAM used, etc. make the program one of the best possible choices for home users. But it’s not just that.

GoldWave is a very good solution for professional work when there is no need for top opportunities. If the options listed so far seem small to you, I will add the noise clearing and the built-in equalizer.

Supports Plugs. And my experience with this program tells me what I missed – its speed. It is much faster than most programs for the same purpose.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in GoldWave 6.56:

New Features

  • Improved 64 bit VST support
  • Presets in Auto Cue.
  • Several important fixes and other improvements

Official page

Download: GoldWave 6.56 for Windows 64-bit (16.2 MB)

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