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Hardware Inspector 8.5.2

Hardware Inspector v8.3.2

Hardware Inspector is software aimed primarily at administrators who take care of dozens of computers. It will help you make a list of the hardware you have, keep track of changes by remembering exactly when you changed network card X to network card Y, for example. You will not have to search for serial numbers, models and other specifications that you may need.


Hardware Inspector will quickly and easily catalog the information for all computers in your network, constantly monitoring for changes. With it, with a few clicks you will prepare the report that your boss will ask for. The program supports reports prepared by popular programs such as ASTRA32 and EVEREST.

Key features of Hardware Inspector

– Tracks the life cycle history of each device (its parameters, relocations, repairs, etc.).
– Possibility for automation (via ASTRA32 and EVEREST reports) or manual data entry.
– Convenient presentation of the structure of the divisions, as well as the devices in a tree structure.
– Differentiation of data access rights and networking support.
– Powerful device search engine.
– Export of reports to MS Excel. The report templates can be edited by the user.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Official page

Download: Hardware Inspector 8.5.2 (37.8 MB)

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