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Hotel 10.0.0

Vladovsoft Hotel is hotel management software. It takes into account all sales of products and services, reservations and accommodation and makes managing your hotel easier than ever. When you first start the hotel program, enter the name ‘admin’ and the password ‘admin’ to access the home screen.

Features of hotel software

  • work with an unlimited number of products and services
  • work with an unlimited number of rooms, reservations and accommodations
  • work with operators with different rights
  • forms for the main commercial operations – deliveries and sales
  • work with barcode scanners and barcode readers
  • reading and writing databases in Access format
  • sort the tables in the database by specific columns
  • possibility to import and export separate tables
  • export tables as interactive web pages, ready for publication on the Internet
  • automatic calculation of weighted average price
  • a rich set of references and reports, both tabular and graphical
  • prepress, printer selection, and printing of tables, forms, and reports
  • import and export of data from and to Access and Excel
  • export of tables, documents and reports in PDF format
  • setting different room prices for up to 6 periods of the year
  • payment reservation of parts – deposit and surcharge
  • issuing invoices, including electronic invoices in PDF format
  • daily database backup
  • comprehensive supporting information

Main advantages of the software for hotels Vladovsoft Hotel

  • compact size – in the installed form the hotel program occupies no more than 3 MB
  • speed – the database is loaded into RAM for a few seconds and then all operations are performed quickly
  • pleasant appearance – animated buttons and menus, pleasing to the eye colors
  • clean look – no unnecessary menus and buttons, no duplicate functions
  • multilingual interface – English or Bulgarian, the choice is yours
    intuitive operation – menus and options are located where you expect them
    automatic calculations – the program automatically calculates and fills in a lot of data, which gets rid of annoying work
  • HTML export – makes publishing your products and services easier than ever
  • daily backup of the database – do not be afraid of damage or loss of data, you can always restore the database from the archive

Official page
Download: Hotel 10.0.0 (1.24 MB)

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