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Immunet Protect Free Cloud Antivirus

Nearly 25 years have passed since the birth of the first virus. The world of computers has been going hand in hand for a quarter of a century with the topic of security, infected files, Trojans and many other similar “interesting” things. For so long, a lot has been invented and done in the fight against viruses. There are many reputable companies that have set out to fight all computer infections, but they do not stop multiplying and becoming more difficult to detect, causing more and more damage and worrying us more and more. Today, few users do not have an antivirus program installed on their computer.

However, if you use a PC frequently, you are well aware that expensive “desktop” virus cleaning programs are not always the best solution. Sometimes a person does not have enough space or operational capabilities to install the latest version, no time, or just looking for something at a better price. That’s why online antiviruses work on the Internet. A representative of remote antivirus systems is Immunet Protect. Immunet Protect is an all-cloud based antivirus.

It is compatible with almost all antivirus programs. It features an accessible interface, ease of operation and the ability to work with other antivirus products. A lightweight antivirus program that takes a new approach to detecting malicious code and protecting your computer from it. The program can work with your main antivirus program, thus participating in the global protection community. Cloud Computing and collective intelligence are used to detect new viruses quickly and efficiently.
License: Freeware.

Official page
Download: Immunet Protect Free Cloud Antivirus (3.34 MB)

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