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Java 21 Build 14 Early Access/ Development Kit 19.0.2/ 8.0.361

Java enables you to participate in online games and communicate with individuals from all around the globe. Additionally, you may calculate your mortgage interest and examine photographs in three dimensions. These Java-based programs you can access through your browser are called “applets.”

Java 19

Businesses use Java across all major sectors. Additionally, corporations employ Java applets to develop intranet apps and other e-commerce solutions.

Java provides a sophisticated user interface, high speed, portability, and security. That networked applications of today’s demand. They are deployed on phones, embedded devices, gaming consoles, laptops, or data centres.

Java Features

  • Develop and run software on a single platform on almost any other platform.
  • Create web-based applications and web services.
  • Create server-side applications for online forums, shops, polls, and the processing of HTML forms, among other things.
  • Combining Java-based apps with services enables highly customizable applications and services.
  • Create robust and efficient programs for mobile phones, remote processors, and low-cost consumer items. Create applications for almost any device equipped with a digital heartbeat.

The Standard Edition is the industry’s most powerful platform for swiftly designing and delivering secure applications. Additionally, portable apps that operate on server and desktop platforms that support most operating systems are supported.

The Java Runtime Environment comprises the Java virtual machine, runtime class libraries, and a launcher for Java applications. Those are required to execute Java apps.

Java technology is a platform-independent, object-oriented, multithreaded programming environment. A constant programming environment is something you can rely on. Whether designing consumer-facing apps or mission-critical installations.


Size: 175 MB

Java SE Development Kit 19.0.2

Java SE Development Kit 17.0.6

Java SE Development Kit 11.0.18

Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0 Update 361

 Java Portable

Java for All Operating Systems


Java 21 Build 14 Early Access

Java 20 Build 36 Early Access


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