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@MAX SyncUp 6.3 Free Download

@MAX SyncUp is a handy program for synchronizing files and folders. With @MAX SyncUp, two-way synchronization of files and or folders between two computers on the local network, via the Internet, or with a USB stick as a storage device is possible. A special RSync mode is available, in which only the changed parts of the files are transmitted over the network.

Key features of RSync: file synchronization and backup with automatic support of Google Drive, direct synchronization of two computers on a local network or the Internet, backup in the style of Apple Time Machine, two-way synchronization with correct processing of any changes, preview files for synchronization, save several versions of the same file, automatically restore to a specific date, start @MAX SyncUp as a process in Windows. The program has an easy-to-use interface, low system requirements and small size.
License: Freeware.

Changes to @MAX SyncUp 6.3:

  • Changes in working with SFTP. Now libssh2 is used to work with the SFTP protocol, which in theory should improve compatibility with existing implementations.
  • Changes in the authorization procedure for working with Google Drive. According to the new requirements of Google, the authorization process cannot be performed in built-in browsers, so we had to make the appropriate changes.
  • Some other internal changes.

Official page
Download: @MAX SyncUp 6.3 (2.95 MB)

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