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Mirillis Action! 4.39.1

Mirillis Action! offers a comprehensive suite of tools that make it possible to capture real-time footage of your computer screen. The software is capable of creating video files in a plethora of formats, catering to a wide variety of recording needs. Mirilis is a real-time gameplay recording program in HD quality.

Mirillis Action! 4.39.1

Whether you’re looking to capture the high-octane action of the latest games, record content from web players, or provide live commentary, Mirillis Action! stands ready to assist. Its versatility extends to recording music and taking screenshots, which can enhance the quality of content you produce.

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One of the standout features of Mirillis Action! is its aptness for educational content creation. The ability to add comments to videos as they’re recorded makes this tool particularly suited for crafting engaging presentations and instructional materials. By commenting on each moment as it occurs, users can create informative and high-quality video lectures that facilitate easier learning and knowledge retention.

Features of Mirillis Action!

  • HD gameplay recording
  • game performance testing
  • real-time web video recording
  • export recorded video in various formats
  • take screenshots, and add audio comments.
  • License: Paid (Shareware).

What’s New

Fixed Action! not connecting to games installed in specific folders
Fixed Action! not working with DXVK in Direct3D 9 mode
Stability fixes

Official page


Mirillis Action! 4.39.1 (108 MB)

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