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NetWorx 6.2.9

NetWorx is a small, free tool designed to track Internet traffic and monitor the Internet speed of your computer. The program works with all types of network connections – dial-up, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, etc. Provides reports, charts, detailed daily, weekly and monthly statistics that you can store in various formats, including html, doc or xls.

NetWorx is an easy-to-use tool with enough features to be useful to system administrators.

The program collects statistics on the transmitted data, measures the speed of each connection, diagnoses the sources of problems and monitors suspicious activity.

Networx can work with virtually any type of connection, offers an extended set of notification settings in the event of unusual situations, can automatically shut down the computer and disconnect from the network.

NetWorx supports log files with all important information. Reports can be saved in various formats – HTML, MS Word and Excel.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in NetWorx 6.2.9:

  • Improved: speed meter automatically switches to a new server if the current one fails.
  • Improved: Windows notifications replaced with a custom window displayed upon click.
  • Improved: speed meter no longer depends on MSXML, which had issues on some systems.
  • Fixed: several bug fixes in network drivers for LAN traffic filtering.

Official page

Download: NetWorx 6.2.9 (11.3 MB)

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