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Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 3.08

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 3.08

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a program that allows you to make installers for Windows. It is distributed under an open source license and is completely free for any use. Perhaps for this reason it is due to its great popularity.

First of all, among the advantages of the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, the authors point out its SuperPiMP ™ technology, which comments: “This technology is so amazing, so efficient, that we will not tell you anything more about it.”

Nullsoft Installation System generates independent executable installation packages for your files. Supports ZLib, BZip2 and LZMA information compression (group or individual file by file). Uninstallers can be created for installers. Offers a choice of classic or modern guiding interface. You can model the entire user interface of the installation applications (windows, fonts, backgrounds, icons, captions, pictures, etc.).

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System has a multilingual interface, translated into Bulgarian.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 3.08

Official page

Download: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 3.08 (1.48 MB)

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