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nVIDIA Studio Driver 516.59 for Windows 10 / 11

The NVIDIA Studio Drivers give painters, animators, and 3D developers the highest levels of performance and dependability while working with creative applications. Studio Drivers are subjected to intensive testing against multi-app creator workflows and numerous versions of the leading innovative programmes from Adobe to Autodesk to ensure the most significant degree of dependability.

nVIDIA Studio Driver 516.59 for Windows 10 / 11

Although you may install GeForce Game Ready Drivers and NVIDIA Studio Drivers on compatible laptop GPUs, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offers approved drivers for your notebook on their website. NVIDIA suggests checking with your notebook’s original equipment manufacturer for needed software upgrades.

nVIDIA Studio Driver supports

30-bit colour

In addition, this new NVIDIA Studio Driver introduces support for 30-bit colour across all product lines. With 24-bit colour, a pixel can be built from 16.7 million shades of colour. By increasing to 30-bit colour, a pixel can now be created from over 1 billion shades of colour, which eliminates the abrupt changes in shades of the same colour.


The May NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for the latest new creative applications, including DaVinci Resolve 18, Adobe Substance Modeler Beta, Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI v6.1, Marmoset Toolbag 4.04, and Reallusion iClone 8. In addition, this NVIDIA Studio Driver supports the latest developments for Omniverse, spanning Omniverse Cloud, Omniverse Audio2Face, Omniverse Machinima, and the Omniverse XR App beta.

Discontinued Support

Release 470 was the last driver branch to support Quadro desktop GPUs based on the Kepler architecture.

NvIFR OpenGL support.

Release 470 was the last driver branch to support this functionality. NvIFR header files, samples and documentation were removed from the NVIDIA Capture SDK 7.1.9 release. Future drivers will remove NvIFR.dll and any other reference to NvIFR.

3D Vision

Beginning with Release 430, the NVIDIA driver no longer supports the following 3D Vision technologies and features:

  • NVIDIA 3D Stereoscopic Driver, including the 3D Vision driver and USB (emitter) driver
  • NVAPI-based stereo APIs for Direct3D applications.

NVIDIA Kepler GPUs for Notebooks

  • Beginning with Release 430, the NVIDIA driver no longer supports NVIDIA GPUs for notebooks based on the Kepler architecture.

32-bit Operating Systems

  • Beginning with Release 396, NVIDIA is no longer releasing Game Ready drivers for 32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture.


Size: 784 MB

nVIDIA Studio Driver 516.59 DCH for Desktop

nVIDIA Studio Driver 472.84 Standard for Desktop

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