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OpenVPN 2.5.2

OpenVPN is a completely free software, an open source project based on the capabilities of the SSL family of protocols – a program for creating virtual private networks (VPN).

OpenVPN uses standard SSL / TLS mechanisms for connection authentication and encryption that are stable, widespread, and reliable.

Its advantage over IPSec lies in its much easier implementation in different operating systems, and compared to PPTP – in better protection.

OpenVPN can be installed in client or server mode under Linux / Unix / Windows / Mac. 

License: Free (GPL).

Whats New in OpenVPN 2.5.2

OpenVPN New features

“Echo msg” support, to enable the server to pushed messages that are then displayed by the client-side GUI. See doc / gui-notes.txt and doc / management-notes.txt.Supported by the Windows GUI shipped in 2.5.1, not yet supported by Tunnelblick and the Android GUI.

User-visible Changes

make OPENVPN_PLUGIN_ENABLE_PF plugin failures FATAL – if a plugin offers to set the “openvpn packet filter”, and returns a failure when requested to, OpenVPN 2.5.0 would crash trying to clean up not-yet-initialized structure members. Since PF is going away in 2.6.0, this is just turning the crash into a well-defined abortion program, and no further effort has been spent in rewriting the PF plugin error handling (see trac # 1377).


rework sample-plugins / defer / simple.c – this is an extensive rewrite of the plugin to bring code quality to acceptable standards and add documentation on the various plugin API aspects. Since it’s just example code, filed under “Documentation”, not under “Bugfix”.

various man page improvements.

clarify  –block-ipv6 intent and direction


fix installation of openvpn.8 manpage on systems without docutils.

Windows: fix DNS search list setup for domains with “-” chars.

Fix tls-auth mismatch OCC message when tls-cryptv2 is used.

Windows: Skip DHCP renew with Wintun adapter (Wintun does not support DHCP, so this was just causing an – harmless – error and needless delay).

Windows: Remove 1 second delay before running netsh – speeds up interface init for wintun setups not using the interactive service.

Windows: Fix too early argv freeing when registering DNS – this would cause a client side crash on Windows if  register-dns used, and the interactive service is not used.

Android: Zero initialize msghdr prior to calling sendmesg.

Fix line number reporting on config file errors after segments (see Trac # 1325).

Fix port-share option with TLS-Crypt v2.

tls-crypt-v2: also preload tls-crypt-v2 keys (if –persist-key), otherwise dropping privs on the server would fail.

tls-crypt-v2: fix server memory leak (about 600 bytes per connecting client with tls-crypt-v2)

rework handling of server-pushed  –auth-token in combination with  –auth-nocache on reconnection / TLS renegotiation events. This used to “forget” to update new incoming token after a reconnection event (leading to failure to reauth some time later) and now works in all tested cases.

Official page

Download: OpenVPN 2.5.2 for Windows 32-bit (4.14 MB)

Download: OpenVPN 2.5.2 for Windows 64-bit (4.43 MB)

Download: OpenVPN 2.5.2 for Linux and MAC

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