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PcMedik is a tool that allows you to modify settings in the Windows registry and improve system performance at the touch of a button. PcMedic not only fixes registry errors, but also optimizes the system according to the available hardware.

The full version includes additional features, such as choosing a system recovery method and boosting system speed.

PCMedik is an intuitive application that detects computer problems and speeds up work, as well as prevents system crashes.

While most such applications detect bugs and increase speed in a relatively complex way, PCMedik relies on a user-friendly approach and ease of use. Thanks to this, PCMedik can be used by all categories of users, incl. beginners

The main window of the program is as simple as possible – the user must select the operating system, processor and acceleration level.

PCMedik modifies system registers and files to improve memory performance, screen refresh, animations, security, and other parameters. The application also offers software-based overclocking to speed up CPU and memory.
License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in PCMedik

– New version with updated copyright.

Official page

Download: PCMedik (3.81 MB)

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