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Postbox 7.0.49

Postbox is an e-mail client that automatically indexes all e-mail content, including files and photos.

The program is connected to Thunderbird and uses the Mozilla Gecko kernel. An interesting innovation is the Compose Sidebar – a tool that easily adds additional content to the letter. these may be attachments, documents, tables, references found in other letters. Adding them is done by dragging with the mouse.

Postbox is an email client based on Thunderbird, but with a few ideas ahead of it. Working with Pistbox is easy, the installation goes smoothly and there is a version for both Windows and Mac OS.

Postbox uses tabs, searches the mail seamlessly, works with labels like Gmail, and can easily be used to work with multiple email accounts at once. The team working on Postbox is mainly made up of people who worked on the Thunderbird team.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Postbox 7.0.49:

  • Support for Antidote Labs Project for Windows
  • Fixed an issue that prevented exising Quick Post entries from appearing in the Quick Bar

Official page

Download: Postbox 7.0.49 for Windows (45.5 MB)

Download: Postbox 7.0.49 for MacOS (56.5 MB)

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