Prime95 30.7 Build 5

Prime95 30.7 Build 5

If you suspect that your system has a hardware problem, this is the program that will be able to load your computer enough to make it clear that your suspicions are correct. Just run a test, set the program to run at a low priority, and let it do its calculations. If a problem occurs, the test will be aborted and information will be displayed in the Prime95 window. In order to be able to say that a system is fairly stable, the test must take at least 10 hours. Otherwise – the more, the better.

License: Freeware.

What’s New in Prime95 30.7 Build 3:

  • PRP with proofs. Eliminates the need for lengthy double-checking !!!
  • Resource Limits dialog box to control prime95’s resource usage. See the readme.txt file for setting these options.

Official page

Download: Prime95 30.5 Build 2 for Windows 32-bit (8.24 MB)

Download: Prime95 30.7 Build 5 for Windows 64-bit (9.88 MB)

Download: Prime95 30.5 Build 2 for Linux 32-bit (5.43 MB)

Download: Prime95 30.7 Build 5 for Linux 64-bit (6.77 MB)

Download: Prime95 29.8 Build 6 for MacOS (4.62 MB)

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