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Reg Organizer 8.82 Final/ 8.85 Beta 1

Reg Organizer 8.82 Final

Reg Organizer is a utility for editing, cleaning, maintaining the Registry, resolving system issues, and optimizing computer efficiency. The advanced registry search tool enables you to locate all registry keys associated with a particular program.

The tool enables you to examine, change, and read the contents of registry files (.reg) straight from Windows Explorer. It features a Registry cleaner that compacts, repairs, and optimizes the Registry securely.

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Reg Organizer allows you to do a comprehensive Registry search for all keys associated with a particular program. The registry utility does this task more quickly and effectively than other comparable tools.

Additionally, Reg Organizer can locate and change Registry items and an automated Registry cleaning and a Disk Cleanup tool. Additionally, it enables access to a large number of undocumented Windows capabilities.

Using Reg Organizer, you may edit the ‘Open with…’ context menu and remove things from the ‘Add/Remove Programs dialogue box. Additionally, you will be able to choose which apps should launch at Windows starting and evaluate shared dynamic link libraries (DLLs). Another set of functions will be beneficial to both administrators and end-users.

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Plug-in extensibility enables an infinite number of third-party additions. Additionally, there is an integrated program uninstaller. This allows you to remove extra apps from the system.

  • A tool for accessing and modifying the system registry. In addition, it may be used to copy and move registry keys and values around.
  • The registry cleaner can identify a wide range of registry issues. Searching the Registry for references to files, directories, and DLLs that are no longer valid is one of these methods.
  • You may use the registry search function to identify and remove any keys associated with a particular program.
  • Performing a registry defragment and compression. Improve the Registry’s performance and, as a result, your system’s overall performance.
  • Any specified registry key may be accessed and monitored for changes and information retrieved.
    Register files (*.reg) may be previewed before their contents are added to the system registry. Windows Explorer may be used to see the files.
  • You may add and remove data from. Reg files using a functional registry file editor.
    All of the apps automatically launched by Windows may be quickly accessed. You may examine, alter, or deactivate these applications using Reg Organizer.
  • A wide range of search and replacement options are available using registry search and replace mode.
    Full Uninstall technology is used to power the in-app uninstaller. The application’s updates to each system component are also shown.
  • Automated file deletion is possible using the Disk Cleanup utility. It’s also capable of looking for and fixing broken shortcuts.

What’s New in Reg Organizer 8.82 Final

  • Applications’ traces lookup algorithm improvements are used in the complete applications removal function.

Official page

Size: 26.1 MB

Download: Reg Organizer 8.85 Beta 1

Download: Reg Organizer Trial

Download: Reg Organizer Portable


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