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Shotcut 21.03.21

Shotcut is a powerful cross-platform video editor that can edit and convert video files in a variety of formats.

One of the main features of Shotcut is the mixing of videos with different resolution and different frame rates.

Videos can be placed on a common timeline by simply dragging and dropping, and then making any changes – adjusting the audio, adjusting the colors and white balance, using filters for color saturation or detail. the video.

All changes can be undone and repeated many times. The Shotcut interface is very user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and advanced users. License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Shotcut 21.03.21

  • Fixed writing a raw flac file does not set its duration.
  • Improved sound quality with small changes in  Speed  with  Pitch Compensation  or  Pitch  audio filter (broke in v20.11).
  • Fixed being able to use mouse wheel over  Timeline  and  Keyframes  zoom sliders (broke in v20.01).
  • Fixed   and  blank considered missing and blocking export (broke in v21.01).
  • Added an  Ignore  button to the missing files error dialog in  Export .
  • Fixed the  Timeline  clip audio waveform incorrect after adding transition by dragging the clip left.
  • Fixed black frames appearing in  Slideshow Generator  (broke in v20.02).
  • Fixed repairing a project file opened using a UNC path on Windows.
  • Fixed ellided file name in clip  Properties  can become the clip name.

Official page

Download: Shotcut 21.03.21 for Windows 64-bit (79.2 MB)
Download: Shotcut 21.03.21 Portable for Windows 64-bit (104 MB)

Download: Shotcut 21.03.21 for Linux (74.8 MB)
Download: Shotcut 21.03. 21 for MacOS (75.1 MB)

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