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Solus 4.2

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Solus is a proprietary operating system called Budgie Desktop, known as the fastest-booting Linux-based operating system..

Solus is a standalone project that is not based on software packages from other distributions. Simultaneously with Solus, the graphic environment Budgie Desktop was released, which was rewritten from scratch.

The project is distributed with the free GPLv2 license, and the C and Vala programming languages ​​have been used to implement Solus. The Budgie desktop is based on GNOME technology, but uses its own implementations of the GNOME Shell, panels, applets, and notification system.

All elements of the graphical environment are applets, thus a very flexible option for settings of all components is realized.

Budgie supports HiDPI displays and computer systems with multiple monitors. Language locales are supported.

The base compilation includes the Firefox browser, the nautilus file manager, the rhythmbox music player, the thunderbird mail client, and the VLC media player.
License: Free (Open Source).

Official page
Download: Solus Budgie 4.2 (1.76 GB)
Download: Solus GNOME 4.2 (2.01 GB)
Download: Solus MATE 4.2 (1.73 GB)
Download: Solus Plasma 4.2 (1.86 GB)

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