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StaxRip is a free program with which you can easily convert your DVD, DVB, DV and other formats to MPEG-4 video format such as DivX, XviD and x264 (audio formats: MP3, AC3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, containing output formats: AVI , MKV, MP4, DIVX).

StaxRip is extremely easy to work with, does not require installation, does not leave entries in the registers, does not make system changes.

StaxRip has a rich help system that you will need. The developers ensure that their product does not contain spyware, adware or other forms of malware.

The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to work.
License: Free (Open Source).

Changes in StaxRip

  • aomenc bugfixes and UI improvements (Dendraspis, 44vince44, # 375)
  • aomenc moved cq-level option to “Rate Control 1” for better usage (Dendraspis, Neltulz, # 411)
  • aomenc internal improvements and updates (Dendraspis)
  • aomenc 10-bit input fixed. (stax76, # 420)
  • x265 –aq-mode option captions extended (stax76)
  • x265 by default no longer uses a pipe tool because we use a modified x265 build now that supports both AviSynth and VapourSynth directly, people who want to replace it with an ordinary x265 build need to enable piping in the x265 options: Input / Output> Pipe
  • New option using the source file folder as temp file folder. (stax76)
  • Fix issue detecting default subtitle. (stax76, # 362)
  • Fix demuxed mkv subtitles not named starting at ID 1. (stax76)
  • Fix eac3to demuxed tracks not named starting at ID 1. (stax76)
  • Preferred subtitles can be defined by ID. (stax76)
  • Preferred audio tracks to demux can be defined by ID. (stax76)
  • Preferred audio and subtitle tracks in Options can be defined per menu. (stax76)
  • mkvtoolnix 52

Official page
Download: StaxRip for Windows 64-bit (209 MB)

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