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Tribler 7.8.0 Final

Tribler is BitTorrent client with a decentralized structure, which does not require a central server and traditional torrent trackers. In the latest version of Tribler, it is possible for traffic to pass through the Tor anonymizing network. Tribler is written in the Python programming language and is supported by several European universities.

Features of Tribler:

  • work through its own anonymous protocol, similar to Tor;
  • support for Tor-messages Cell, Create, Extend and Ping;
  • sending and real-time monitoring of the occupied information bar, support of Tor-routers;
  • accelerated synchronization between connected users;
  • support for Mac computers manufactured before 2008 has been removed.

For the time being, restrictions have been introduced for the size of the files, which cannot exceed 50 MB, the time for using the Tribler protocol is limited. In version 6.4, all restrictions will be removed.
License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Tribler 7.8.0 Final:

  • Showed token balance again
  • Updated bw accounting / tunnel community IDs
  • Wiped existing records in bandwidth database
  • Checked for duplicate BalanceRequestCaches
  • Fixed debug pane keyboard shortcut
  • Specified timeout for the DiscoveryBooster
  • Fixed profiler button issue in Debug Pane
  • Added yappi as pip dependency
  • Fixed yappi profiler in the core
  • Fixed broken resource_manager tests
  • Fixed a bug on writing CPU data to file
  • Fixed low disk notifier bug
  • Removed old resource monitor file
  • Added core and GUI CPU graph
  • Added GUI memory plot in Debug Pane
  • Added a separate GUI resource history
  • Updated session to use core resource monitor
  • Set GUI resource check interval
  • Added GUI resource monitor
  • Scrubbed values ​​in Feedback Dialog
  • Renamed _stacktrace_long by _stacktrace_extra
  • Extracted sentry events
  • Stopped crash an application when GUI raise an exception
  • Fixed memory leak in Downloads page
  • Updated info about release cycle
  • An attempt to fix # 5934 by avoiding storing all frames with locals inside a signal handler
  • Fixed typo bug on sys exit
  • Ignored all the information in a version, after ‘-‘
  • Added Pillow as a hidden dependency
  • Replaced “comments” with “what were you doing before” question.
  • Ignored patch version in upgrade scenarios
  • Improved Sentry Scrubber
  • Checked on ‘escape_pressed’ attribute
  • Checked that a row number in the correct range
  • Changed some expressions to f-strings format
  • Updated IPv8 pointer
  • Applied pyupgrade to the whole codebase

Official page

Download: Tribler 7.8.0 Final for Windows 32-bit (60.0 MB)

Download: Tribler 7.8.0 Final for Windows 64-bit (68.2 MB)

Download: Tribler 7.8.0 Final for Linux (3.05 MB)

Download: Tribler 7.8.0 Final for MacOS (59.3 MB)

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