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UVK – Ultra Virus Killer v10.19.0.0

UVK Ultra Virus Killer is a powerful antivirus software tool to protect and treat the operating system from viruses, worms and other various malicious programs.

UVK Ultra Virus Killer is able to remove Trojans, viruses, rootkits and other information security threats. UVK Ultra Virus Killer monitors all processes running on the system, monitors traffic and checks MD5 files. Unlike many other similar programs, UVK Ultra Virus Killer also offers treatment for some infected files.

UVK Ultra Virus Killer contains a manager of programs that run when the operating system is loaded, a manager of running processes, optimization and recovery tools.

Some of the features of UVK Ultra Virus Killer require a user license.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in UVK – Ultra Virus Killer

Improved the UI with a new skin named Sky mirror, and tweaked the colors of the UI elements for easier text reading.

New feature: Wi-Fi Profiles Manager. It’s a small application which lists the saved Wi-Fi profiles and lets the user delete the desired ones. The most interesting part is that it also allows to set the connection priority of the saved profiles, which is an option no longer available in Windows 10’s Settings app.

Added a new item to the System Repair fixes list: Manage Wi-Fi Profiles, which runs the new Wi-Fi Profiles Manager tool mentioned above.

Added support for a new script command: . This new command lets you launch the new Wi-Fi Profiles Manager tool mentioned above from a UVK script.

Updated the Log Analyzer with support for the new command.

Official page
Download: UVK – Ultra Virus Killer (16.8 MB)
Download: UVK – Ultra Virus Killer Portable (16.8 MB)

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