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Viber – Free Messaging App

While the Viber app is used on mobile devices, you can now use Viber for Windows to chat and send text messages to friends on the mobile app and make video calls from your computer.


Free calls from your computer

Viber for Windows is not a standalone application because it requires you to have already Viber installed on your mobile device. Once you install the client on your computer, Viber will automatically import your contacts into the app from your contact list.

Once the client is installed, you don’t need to do anything to configure it, and you can start calling and texting your friends with the mobile app. Although Viber for Windows supports video calling, the feature is still in beta.

You can also send and receive text messages from friends and start group chats. These messages are synchronised on the mobile device and the computer.

Easy to use

There is not much to see in Viber for Windows. It can display the contact list, call log and call history. The app has some options, such as real-time notifications, which is good if you’re in front of your computer for a long time and don’t want to miss any messages.

Another VoIP feature

When using VoIP services, call quality always depends on your connection speed. You have nothing to worry about if you have a fast and stable connection.

Video chats require more bandwidth, and since the feature is still in beta, you may not get the best experience using this feature.

Good additional functionality

If you already use Viber, there is no reason not to use Viber for Windows. Given that many providers now set a limit on data exchange, you can save a lot of this limit by using your home connection.

The main feature of Viber for Windows is free calls, which makes it a great application to use with your friends.

Official page


Viber for Windows (101 MB)

Viber for Android

Viber for iPhone

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