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WifiInfoView 2.72

WifiInfoView 2.72

WifiInfoView is a small free program that scans the nearest free networks and displays a large amount of useful information, such as network name (SSID), MAC address, PHY type (802.11 g / n), signal power and quality, the frequency used, Channel number, maximum speed, router model, and other useful data.

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The bottom panel of the main information window of the WifiInfoView program displays the received information, which is displayed in hexadecimal format. WifiInfoView allows you to group open wireless networks by channel number, router model, PHY type, or top speed.
License: Freeware.

What’s New in WifiInfoView 2.72

  • Updated the internal MAC addresses file.
  • Fixed some high DPI mode issues (Status Bar, ‘Choose Columns’ Window).

Official page

Download: WifiInfoView 2.72 (388 KB)


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