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WinBatch 2021B

WinBatch is a program running in the middle of the Windows operating system using a simple scripting language.

Macros written using WinBatch can be launched through icons, hotkeys, or other programs to automate all aspects of working with the computer system.

The WinBatch kit and its compiler allow the creation of executable .exe files. The main features of WinBatch are the simplified, BASIC-like syntax, the ability to manage flows, keystroke recording, file system management, mathematical calculations, DDE, OLE, Internet connections and more.

A typical task for WinBatch is to send an e-mail or FTP file from a database application. A great convenience of WinBatch is that immediately after installation it is ready for use, because there are many ready-made samples for typical work with the computer system.

In short, WinBatch provides automation using macros for everything related to the Windows operating system. License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in WinBatch 2021B

Official page

Download: WinBatch 2021B (16.7 MB)

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