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WPS Office

WPS Office 2019 (formerly Kingsoft Office) is a robust office suite capable of opening virtually any file type that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and saving documents as PDFs.

WPS Office

WPS Office is comprised of three cutting-edge office applications. The programme includes a word processor, a presentation creator, and a spreadsheet for data processing and analysis.

You can use WPS Office 2019 to create documents, tables, and presentations. The paragraph adjustment and table operation tools, for example, can assist in editing documents more quickly due to the features’ shortcut operations.

It is capable of opening virtually any type of document, including PDF, TXT, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This means that when you open a document via email or your preferred cloud service, you can be confident that it will appear exactly as intended.

WPS Office 2019 includes many of the same features as a PC office solution. This includes advanced text and paragraph formatting options, as well as the ability to directly incorporate images, shapes, tables, and charts into your documents.

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Advanced editing features such as track changes, comments, and spell check are included in the suite. This means you can catch a typo or make a last-minute change while driving or sitting on your couch watching your favourite television show.

WPS Office 2019 enables you to share your files via email, Evernote, and more. Additionally, you can share presentations with others via WiFi or directly to other DLNA-enabled devices.

Additionally, you can access and edit documents stored on your preferred cloud drive. When you’re finished editing, WPS Office 2019 will automatically save your changes to the cloud.

Android Features


  • Specifically designed for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Access and edit documents easily from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, as well as via WebDAV.S
  • hare documents wirelessly or via email and text message with other devices.
  • Compatible with both USB-connected and Bluetooth-connected keyboards
  • Printing wirelessly
  • Supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts, including copy and paste.
  • The user interface is now available in 44 different languages.
  • Complete compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • User interface that is exquisitely designed
  • Features for advanced text, paragraph, and shape formatting
  • Enhance presentations with images, videos, and audio.
  • Graphs, charts, and tables can be added and edited.
  • There are dozens of templates included.
  • Additionally, you can view notes in presenter mode.


  • Compliant with Microsoft Word
  • Features for formatting text, paragraphs, and shapes
  • Utilize our Paragraph tool to quickly adjust margins and spacing.
  • Features for advanced collaboration, such as track changes, spell check, and comments
  • Numerous tools for page layout


  • Microsoft Excel-compatible
  • Over 160 shortcuts for formulas and functions
  • Supports pivot tables, freeze frames, sorting, and custom table styles, among other features.
  • Produce numerous worksheets
    Create charts of various types, including bar, pie, line, and column.
  • Edit cell category information (number, text, percentage, etc.)
  • Supports over 1 million rows and ten thousand columns
  • Features for advanced text and table formatting
  • Support for VBA macros is optional.

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