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XnView 2.50.1 Final

If you come across a graphic file that you have nothing to look at, then this program will be your lifeline. XnView reads over 400 file formats, making it perhaps the most versatile graphics viewer. It can export graphics in over 50 formats. In addition, you can apply filters and some effects to the graphics.

XnView has a preview tool that resembles Explorer. With this tool you can quickly and easily view the contents of folders.

XnView also offers you a generator for HTML pages, contact sheets, scanner and digital camera support, image conversion and processing, full screen slide show, image manipulation with various effects, shooting and a number of file operations.

XnView supports 43 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

License: Free for non-commercial use.

Whats New in XnView 2.50.1 Final:

* Browser size not restored
* Dialog always on Screen # 1
* Context icon
* NConvert: multiple -canvas & bgcolor
* NConvert: -jpegtrans
* NConvert: -canvas longest 220mm
* NConvert: jpegtrans exif & keepfiledate

Official page

Download: XnView 2.50.1 Lite (4.33 MB)

Download: XnView 2.50.1 Standard (7.51 MB)

Download: XnView 2.50.1 Full (24.9 MB)

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