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XYplorer 21.70

XYplorer is a handy file manager. It has tabs – to make it easier and more organized to work with different folders and files, with a search engine with which you can search by various parameters. You will be able to preview almost any file. The program has dozens of convenient settings to automate and facilitate your daily work.

XYplorer has many easy-to-use features such as: tabs and a search engine, which can save you a lot of time. You can preview almost any file format.

XYplorer has a user-friendly interface and dozens of settings to automate and facilitate your daily work.

License: Paid (Shareware).

You can learn more about XYplorer from our article XYplorer – installation and configuration.

Whats New in XYplorer 21.70

  • Seamless Wave Looping.  Just select a sample file and hear it spinning in a perfect seamless loop. Audio folks love it.
  • Smart Branch View.  A new branch view (aka flat view) type shows only files and non-empty folders, ie any folders that contain nothing or only empty folders (or, in case of a search, do not contain any files that match the search) are not listed in the branch view. Gives you a much cleaner and more useful view.
  • Tree Scroll Position Remembered Per Tab.  Optionally, each tab restores the tree position it was in when it was last exited. Many users have waited for this feature, not many file managers have it.
  • Color-Code Empty Tree Folders.  Finally color filters can be applied in the folder tree in a way that lets you spot all empty folders at a glance.
  • Compilation Soundtrack.  Compiled to the music of  Elise LeGrow .

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Download: XYplorer 21.70 (4.45 MB)

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