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ZHPCleaner 2022.4.10.24

ZHPCleaner is a small free program for cleaning browsers of adware, unwanted add-ons, unnecessary toolbars, redundant add-ons, and other unwanted software.


ZHPCleaner removes from various browsers the various malicious ads that are installed without the consent of the user.

The ZHPCleaner interface is quite simple, logical, and easy to use even for beginners. All you have to do is press the Scanner button and the soil program will search for this unwanted software.

ZHPCleaner then generates a report that allows you to remove unwanted components. It is possible to stop the program and return the computer to its original state before scanning.

License: Freeware

Official page

Download: ZHPCleaner 2022.4.10.24 (2.72 MB)

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