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Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a free program for working with a variety of graphics. The package includes the Chasys Draw Artist graphics editor, the Chasys Draw Viewer utility for viewing images, the Chasys Draw Converter subroutine for batch conversion of graphic files and the Chasys Draw raw-Photo program for working with digital photos in RAW format.


 JpDRAW2 fast graphics engine, free layer blending, animation, off-the-shelf Alpha channel support, multi-core processor and multitasking support, built-in smoothing algorithms, scanning and printing capabilities, plug-in support, and more.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Chasys Draw IES 5.04.01:

  • Full support for Affinity’s AFPhoto files
  • Restrict modes are now Sprite-sheet-Aware
  • DPI calculation and update via Mark-up tool
  • Improved Object Animation preview rendering
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Camera RAW files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Photoshop files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for AFPhoto files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Krita files
  • [bug fix] OpenRaster compatibility with GIMP and Krita
  • [bug fix] Occasional flickering of Preview

Official page[post_ads_2]

Download: 04/05/01 Chasys Draw IES (22.0 MB)

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