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HomeBank 5.5.1 Final

HomeBank is an effective program for controlling your financial resources. HomeBank contains a set of tools for analyzing your income and expenses, arranged and divided into categories.

The software allows you to analyze, apply various filters and show your financial status in the form of graphs and charts. HomeBank will create detailed statistics for you and find duplicate records and unnecessary expenses. The software has an intuitive and easy to use interface.

HomeBank is free. Use it to manage your personal accounts. It is easy to use. Analyze your finances in detail and use powerful filtering tools and charts.

HomeBank has been used for more than 21 years. The development of HomeBank began in 1995. It is available in 57 languages ​​for GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, MacOSX and others.

Main characteristics:

  • Effective asset management
  • A set of revenue and expenditure tools
  • Displays statistics in graphs
  • Apply filters

Whats New in HomeBank 5.5.1 Final:

* change: report window are now closed when new / open a file* bugfix: # 1917837 the tag power list is too small in width and height* bugfix: # 1917075 delete unused payee / category do not enable save* bugfix: # 1916932 impossible to read text when using dark theme* bugfix: # 1916587 scheduled this / next month date filter is wrong* bugfix: # 1915729 windows “tag” close the program on delete item* bugfix: # 1915660 update to the Help & Homebank for check numbers* bugfix: # 1915643 the “Balance report” does not group correctly by week (ISO 8601)* bugfix: # 1915609 qif export of multiple account double xfer line* bugfix: # 1914943 statistic by time total row doubled with subcategory* bugfix: # 1914935 changing the “Include remind into balance” option doesn’t update balance in accounts summary* bugfix: # 1910857 transaction category autofill from payee is too invasive* bugfix: # 1910819 paste amount into split may input too much decimal digits* bugfix: # 1889659 crash on typing in category during add due to inconsistent XML* bugfix: # 1842429 difference between loading 1 OFX file or more at once* wish: # 1904569 more flexible date handling for QIF import* wish: # 1594684 balance report to select several accounts

Official page


Download: HomeBank 5.5.1 Final for Windows (18.3 MB)

Download: HomeBank 5.5.1 Final for other OS

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