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[email protected] Kill Disk – Hard Drive Eraser is a free program that allows you to delete all information on an SSD hard drive or USB flash drive, without the possibility of possible recovery.

The application uses Guttman’s method to destroy information. If you use [email protected] Kill Disk, you can be sure that all data will be permanently removed from the media in question. With the help of the “wipe” function, it is possible to clear the empty space in case of traces of previous information.

[email protected] Kill Disksupports 17 security standards from different countries.

In some cases, it is necessary to dispose of absolutely all the contents of the hard disk to make sure that there is nothing left that can cause you problems. This program is designed specifically for such cases. Be extremely careful when using it, because the consequences may be irreversible!

Whats New in [email protected] KillDisk

  • New: Added context help
  • New: Secure e-mail notifications provided (added SSL / TLS support for SMTP)
  • Dialogs adopted for low-resolution monitors (800 × 600)
  • Boot Disk Creator allows to customize KillDisk settings for Boot Disk
  • Latest kernel including bug fixes and performance improvements

Official page

Download: [email protected] KillDisk (86.8 MB)

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