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Advanced Host Monitor 13.20 Final

Advanced Host Monitor 13.20 Final

Powerful program for monitoring the availability and speed of servers. In the event of a server error, Advanced HostMonitor notifies the system administrator or, depending on the settings, tries to fix the problem itself.

The program uses 55 testing methods, a large number of different settings are available. It is possible to save detailed log files with Text, HTML, DBF and ODBC file formats. Built-in powerful report editor with user-friendly interface.

It is possible to control the availability of physical devices (Ping test), the operability of TCP (WWW and FTP servers), you can check the availability of pages via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

It is possible to control local resources – the size of folders and files, checksums and more.

License: paid (Shareware)

Whats New in Advanced Host Monitor 12.98 Final:

HostMonitor improvement. If you cannot adjust your antivirus settings in order to skip log and report files from the antivirus check then antivirus (eg Windows Defender) may use a lot of system resources, slow down HostMonitor and Windows. Especially when you are using Full logging mode and HTML or DBF log file format (some antivirus software needs more time to check HTML files, some waste more resources on DBF log files).

We redesigned logging module, this helps to reduce system load caused by antivirus software. However we still recommend to exclude log and report files from the antivirus check.

HostMonitor and RCC: minor GUI improvements related to Info Pane, Log Viewer, Test Properties dialog; Log Analyzer

RCC: several GUI issues were corrected (affected versions 12.84-12.94)

Official page

Download: Advanced Host Monitor 13.20 Final (36.7 MB)

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