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Advanced Host Monitor 14.54 Final – Advanced Server Monitoring

Advanced Host Monitor is an advanced server monitoring program offering comprehensive features for monitoring server availability and speed. In the event of a server error, the program is designed to promptly notify the system administrator and can also be configured to attempt automatic problem resolution based on predefined settings.

Advanced Host Monitor 14.54 Final - Advanced Server Monitoring

One of the program’s key strengths lies in its extensive array of 55 testing methods, providing users with a wide range of options to ensure thorough monitoring. Additionally, the program offers a high degree of flexibility through its customizable settings, allowing users to tailor the monitoring process to their specific requirements.

The capability to save detailed log files in various formats such as Text, HTML, DBF, and ODBC is a valuable feature, enabling users to maintain comprehensive records of monitoring activities. Moreover, the program comes equipped with a powerful report editor featuring a user-friendly interface, enhancing the user experience and facilitating the generation of insightful reports.

Notably, Advanced Host Monitor encompasses a diverse range of monitoring capabilities, including the ability to monitor the availability of physical devices through the Ping test, assess the operability of TCP (WWW and FTP servers), and verify the availability of pages via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. Additionally, the program allows for the monitoring of local resources, such as folder and file sizes, as well as checksums, further extending its utility beyond server monitoring.

In summary, Advanced Host Monitor stands out as a robust and versatile solution for server monitoring, offering a rich set of features and capabilities to ensure comprehensive and effective monitoring of server availability and performance.

License: paid (Shareware)

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Advanced HostMonitor 14.54 Final 

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