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AlterCam 5.5 Build 1933

AlterCam is a creation program to which the video signal from the physical webcam is transmitted in real time, but with various user-selected effects. It is possible to switch Skype and other similar programs to work with AlterCam Virtual Camera and use converted video. With the help of AlterCam it is possible to change the voice in real time.

Features of AlterCam: dozens of fun effects for the webcam, recording video from the camera and sending it to YouTube, the ability to change the voice in real time, splitting the video from the real camera into several programs in the virtual, adding text, images , animations and additional video; translate the image from the computer screen to the virtual camera, using the graphics accelerator of the video card. It is possible to combine several effects simultaneously.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in AlterCam 5.5 Build 1933:

  • added ability to set and change settings for overlays-webcams.
  • added displaying the resolution of the selected desktop source in the status bar.
  • added information about the number of programs currently connected to the virtual camera in the status bar.
  • when the type of broadcasting of the desktop is changed, the scale is automatically adapted (if it can fit at 100% scale, then the layer is centered, if not, then it is reduced accordingly).
  • fixed webcam rotation by settings.
  • fixed updating the number of active overlays when deleting an active overlay.
  • fixed the bug: turning on the wrong camera when switching scenes.
  • fixed resetting of effect settings to 0 (and not to default) and their positions in the list when canceling loading of the last session after a failure in the previous session.
  • added many optimizations.

Official page
Download: AlterCam 5.5 Build 1933 (43.5 MB)

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