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Aml Maple 6.18 Build 786

Aml Maple is a program for indicating the keyboard layout. The program shows the current keyboard layout to the right of the text cursor as well as to the computer mouse cursor.

Aml Maple changes the color of the cursor and displays the abbreviation of the language or flag used on the respective country.

Aml Maple was able to change the color of the cursor when working with English texts such as red and when working with Bulgarian text – blue. The colors, type and size of the cursor can be adjusted by the user.

Aml Maple can correct incorrectly typed text with a different keyboard layout. By default, the combination Ctrl + Alt + Q is used, but any keys can be selected in the settings.

If the text is not highlighted, Aml Maple changes the last wrong word. Working with Aml Maple is intuitive and it is possible to type text faster using the keyboard.
License: Paid (Shareware)

Whats New in Aml Maple 6.18 Build 786:

[*] fixed: error message, when user canceled Aml Maple restart as admin;
[+] added: report about error for command “Restart as admin”;
[*] updated: Russian language file of UI;
[*] updated: Russian HTML-template for report for checking new versions;
[*] many small changes and fixes;

Official page
Download: Aml Maple 6.18 Build 786 (1.11 MB)

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