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Aml Pages 9.94 Build 2857

Aml Pages is a universal catalog in which personal notes, e-mail addresses, images, fragments of web pages, URLs, documents, passwords and more can be stored.

The main features of Aml Pages are the following: support for formatting and inserting tables and images, a powerful search system with various settings and selection of an area of the document, standard text handling, data protection with a password.

Aml Pages has the Aml Assist panel, which can be used to manage windows and copy content from many programs – MS Office and OpenOffice, Outlook and The Bat, as well as browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Google Chrome .

Aml Pages supports syntactic text highlighting and data compression, and free plugins extend its functionality: spell checking, exporting to CHM format, and more.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Aml Pages 9.93 Build 2841:

[+] added: new setting “Mute Mode”;
[+] added: click on tab in pane History show node in the tree (in Filter mode);
[+] added: new version of Aml Assist 3.36;
[+] added: command “Exclude From FIlter” into context menu of tree;
[+] added: new version of Aml Assist Aml2Dropbox 2.60;
[+] new extension in the pane Files;
[*] fixed: slowdown when editing text, when the bookmarks panel is displayed on the left;
[*] fixed: handling of hyperlinks in the empty main window;
[*] fixed: memory leaks on reading of colors groups from options;
[*] many bug fixes and improvements;

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Aml Pages 9.94 Build 2857 (4.85 MB)

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