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AutoHotkey v1.1.33.03

AutoHotkey is a free program that allows you to assign shortcut keys to individual applications on your keyboard. The product is as easy to use as it is powerful. It uses a simple but powerful hotkey (shortcut key) scripting language for Windows, which supports the simultaneous addition of new functions to a keyboard, mouse, joystick.

If you encounter any difficulties, the authors have included a detailed guide.

AutoHotkey is an open source application that will help you automate almost anything in Windows by attaching commands and macros to specific keys, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse actions.

The program can also perform the function of autocomplete, ie. if you write the beginning of a word or an abbreviation, it automatically completes it or spells the word you want.

You can also change the functions of each mouse button or button and many other useful options

The AutoHotkey package also includes a compiler for the scripts. 

License: Freeware.

Whats New in AutoHotkey

Fixed crashing when an empty SafeArray is enumerated.

Fixed height to not auto-expand for Button / Checkbox / Radio with -Wrap.

Fixed WM_DESTROY bypassing release of objects in global / static vars.

Fixed WinMenuSelectItem second-attempt matching to handle & correctly. Specifically, items with actual text like “a && b” which appear as “a & b” will now match “a & b” instead of “a b”.

Fixed breakpoint on Case / Default line breaking at end of previous case.

Changed SoundBeep to ignore duration if negative, instead of wrapping around to a large positive value.

Fixed mouse hotkeys with! to mask Alt-up after key-repeat if possible.

Fixed several issues with overlapping hotkeys.

  • Key-up hotkeys firing incorrectly because they were paired with a hotkey with overlapping but different requirements, such as firing for RCtrl + A because it was paired with ^a; or *^c up firing for Shift + C because it was paired with *+c, and both can fire for Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Unpredictable prioritization of hotkeys with the same modifiers but different L / R variants, or different modifiers when neither one is a perfect subset of the other. Priority was affected by order of definition to a degree but shifted unpredictably when hotkeys were added or removed.

Official page

Download: AutoHotkey (3.11 MB)

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